Why We Built TravelSite.io

Empowering people to work for themselves from anywhere in the world.
By Dave Boehl
Posted in News on January 27, 2021

Let's face it. Starting and running an online business is hard. But you can get a step ahead by working with people that have done it before, and who have already solved a lot of the problems you would face.

In this article, I will talk about why we built TravelSite.io and how it can help you. 

The New Trend - Working from Home Anywhere

The primary reason we decided to build TravelSite.io is to give everyone the opportunity to work for themselves from home or, to be more accurate, from anywhere in the world. When the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdowns happened in early 2020, we realized that working from home had become the new normal. But unfortunately, not everyone has this option.

We also think that the advertising business model is quite resilient and allows site owners much more freedom than other types of business models such as taking travel bookings or selling products. Those models require 24/7 customer service staff and processes to ship goods and to process returns and cancellations. The advertising business model allows you to truly run your own show. 

We Don't Take a Share of Your Revenue

We also saw a gap in the market. There was no solution in the market that didn't have revenue share as their primary revenue model, with revenue sharing as high as 50% to the provider. Through our pricing model, which is based on subscription fees instead of revenue share, site owners can earn much more money. This is aligned with our goal to empower more people to become successful entrepreneurs themselves. We believe this pricing strategy is better for our site owners and the market in general. 

Here is a chart that shows how you can scale net revenue faster by using TravelSite.io versus another provider that pays you a revenue share. 

We've set up different tiers of access for TravelSite.io. There is a basic plan, a pro plan, and a business plan. The basic plan is the cheapest option and is great for travel bloggers that will primarily focus on content and social media to drive traffic. The pro plan includes everything in basic, with the addition of destination pages (by region, country, and city) to boost SEO. The business plan includes the features to support multiple currencies and flight fare alert emails, including daily price alerts for specific route pairs that end-users select. Email sending charges are billed separately by the email provider. 

Solving Technical Hurdles

The technical hurdles have become too high for many people to seriously consider starting a money-making website in the travel sphere. While there are CMS systems like Wordpress that are fairly easy to setup, they require a lot of tinkering with plugins to add the necessary functionality. And in my experience, many of those plugins have serious bugs and sometimes even conflict with other plugins you may want to use. What a nightmare! Check out this article that does into the hairy technical details of a Wordpress update

TravelSite.io uses the same technology that runs leading travel site GoLastMinute, a site with over $10 million in lifetime advertising revenue. We not only have solved the technical challenges of operating large travel sites at scale but have also spent millions of dollars optimizing the user experience to make the most money. We have built custom code to power our API integrations with advertisers such as Kayak, Skyscanner, and over 200 others. And we don't use WordPress!

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